Friday, June 24, 2011


These are the last set of pages I did as a sample. These I did just for fun cause I liked the script and wanted to try a few new production methods. I think they turned out pretty decent.

They're from an American Vampire script (cool comic).


  1. The fourth page is the strongest. You did really great with your reference and you pushed the style of your monster--particularly in the top right and bottom right panels. The more stylized and lose you get, the stronger it feels to me. But I'm not much of a comic guru.

  2. Thanks! I pushed the angle a bit too extreme in the second panel - it's too much of an upshot on the girl, but I liked the way the Vampire worked - ha! Live and learn, constantly. I'm working on another 5 pages from that script right now. Should have them done in the next week or so.