Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay, so I've been SLAMMED with work this past week. Mainly a 6 page sample from a Fantastic Four script. I will post the finished pages next week (when I finish them).

I've been working on a few other pieces for class - of which you'll see the finished. But for the heck of it, I'll throw up the Roughs (process drawings) so you can compare to the final piece.

Baltimore Street Corner Drug Deal (thanks Wire)

Chicago Exterior

The number one rule about Fight Club is that you Don't Talk About Fight Club

Murder Scene

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here's a Daredevil piece I drew in class. We have Cintiqs in all the computer labs - which is a drawing tablet where the screen is projected onto it - so your draw ONTO the monitor.

I sketched this and colored in it Photoshop. Nothing special. Total time on it maybe 45 minutes to an hour.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay, so, yesterday we get an e-mail about a professional mentorship program with some working artists. Natch is we had to turn in 3-5 pages of art with an application TODAY. For some people that might be no biggie.

But my art is 10 times better this week than last week, so art samples from two months ago are ancient. And I haven't drawn any sequential pages since I started.

So, I needed to decide if I was going to kill myself to get some new pages together.

Guess what I did... ha! Yep, 10 hours of work later (and by this morning), I had three new pages. Of the pages I've done (quite a bit now), they're my favorite. A lot of room to grow, but best I've done.

Wolverine. I know. Shocker.
Meets the Hulk. Be aware of all the originality coming out right now...
It accomplished what I wanted. Dynamic, superhero action. Hopefully they like it and take me. Odd are about... 1 in 6, I think. Maybe a bit more or a bit less.

Come to think of it, I have a decent chance. Huh.


This was the first assignment piece for one of my classes. I liked it when I first did it, but by the time we had to turn it in (and be critiqued by everyone in front of class), I hated it.


Project was a perspective interior environment with people.
Better luck next time...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Send in the nudes!

So, we're in class the other day and a girl walks in. "Am I supposed to model for y'all?" she asks in a heavy southern accent. The professor, a smart man, can't turn down a nude model. And suddenly she's up on a table and we're drawing.

My first experience with nude figure drawing. It's a little awkward at first (and I'm constantly wondering what's going through her head), but after about 10 seconds, it's a non-issue. The sketches are rough as we weren't trying to be Life Drawers, per se, but drawing the impression of her figure.

It's a comic book thing.

Anyways, here ya go (more of this to follow too as my figures need the most work)...

Only time it's preferred to *not* make eye contact when faced with a naked person


Nothing beats a Church drawing. Of which most of mine are. Thanks mom and dad for getting me in the habit!


For mi Hermano - Josh. Dog = cool. Lettering = bad. Phillip = sorry.


Am working my way through the Hunger Games series (see other blog for a forthcoming review of the whole series). After finishing a blood bath featuring the heroine, Katniss, I decided to sketch her out. I may do the whole cast, still.


Again, more poses. I'll lump a few of these together this time so I don't drag out this blog thing for too long... (that and my spotty, stolen internet connection comes and goes so randomly, I'd better bulk up the posts when I have a second).

Britt asks with every drawing "Why do they have to be naked?" Not naked, just haven't drawn clothes yet.
Who is this "hermano"?


No matter how old I get or what I draw, I will always be doodling Wolverine in my spare time...


Working a lot on my figures and poses. First of many sketches.


Okay, so trying to put everything I sketch up would take just as long as it takes to draw them (and 90% of it is crap, anyway). So, I'll just throw a smattering of drawings up.

Been watching a lot Supernatural lately


Okay, so it's taken me a few weeks to get my butt off the ground and start this blog. I'm going to try and post daily sketches. I used to think that would take some effort, but after a week and half in school, I've probably done about 100+ sketches. At least. And they'll keep coming.

We'll start this off with the first page in my sketchbook.

Our Clubhouse Pool.