Thursday, September 22, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts, lately, but I've been working on the following pages for the majority of a week and a half now. They're from an X-Men script that Marvel sent me, and I sent them off to the editor today, so fingers crossed cause I busted my hump on these things. Hardest I've worked on pages, yet. I should be getting back to more regular posting of stuff now (as I take a breather before starting on my next set of pages).


  1. awesome phil!!!! good luck dude!

  2. wow that is so cool!!!

    Looking from the car steering wheels, they must be out of the U.S.???

    You rock!!!!

  3. @Rashad - thanks dude. They didn't really like, but what can you do?

    @Mann - Yup. Whole thing takes place in Tokyo