Thursday, October 27, 2011


So, forgive me for the slowness of the posting for the past bit. I'm working on a 125 page script and writing my thesis at the moment. They both took precedent after NYCC (darn school!). However, I'm working on a new set of Batman pages I hope to post within the week.

In the mean time, the awesome Geoff Shaw, whom I go to school with, posted a cover for a comic he's drawing aptly titled "Hulk vs. Swamp Thing." The darn thing (inside) is gorgeous. I wanted to take a crack at inking him cause his pencils are SO strong, but I've never seen anyone ink him right.

I don't think I did either - ha! But some things turned out nicely. So, here are his pencils and my inks.

It was fun to ink because it was the first thing I've inked with a brush since probably March. Took some getting used to and I wish I could redo certain areas over again, but, ya know, it's okay.

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