Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay, so, yesterday we get an e-mail about a professional mentorship program with some working artists. Natch is we had to turn in 3-5 pages of art with an application TODAY. For some people that might be no biggie.

But my art is 10 times better this week than last week, so art samples from two months ago are ancient. And I haven't drawn any sequential pages since I started.

So, I needed to decide if I was going to kill myself to get some new pages together.

Guess what I did... ha! Yep, 10 hours of work later (and by this morning), I had three new pages. Of the pages I've done (quite a bit now), they're my favorite. A lot of room to grow, but best I've done.

Wolverine. I know. Shocker.
Meets the Hulk. Be aware of all the originality coming out right now...
It accomplished what I wanted. Dynamic, superhero action. Hopefully they like it and take me. Odd are about... 1 in 6, I think. Maybe a bit more or a bit less.

Come to think of it, I have a decent chance. Huh.

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