Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Send in the nudes!

So, we're in class the other day and a girl walks in. "Am I supposed to model for y'all?" she asks in a heavy southern accent. The professor, a smart man, can't turn down a nude model. And suddenly she's up on a table and we're drawing.

My first experience with nude figure drawing. It's a little awkward at first (and I'm constantly wondering what's going through her head), but after about 10 seconds, it's a non-issue. The sketches are rough as we weren't trying to be Life Drawers, per se, but drawing the impression of her figure.

It's a comic book thing.

Anyways, here ya go (more of this to follow too as my figures need the most work)...

Only time it's preferred to *not* make eye contact when faced with a naked person

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