Friday, August 19, 2011


So, for the upcoming theme (yes, sneak peek here!) on Periodic Heroes, we're doing characters from DC Comics. I wanted to draw their new Supergirl, cause they're focusing on the teenage aspect of the character.

Drawing people flying is much harder than you'd think. It's easy to do the straight-body, blasting ahead type of look - but would you really fly like that. I think, just like walking, flying posture would infer personality and state of mind. So I wanted to draw a little more awkward, more wide-eyed flying Supergirl. I also toned it with grey markers (the markers don't scan as well as they look in person, FYI).
Tune in next Monday on Periodic Heroes to see the finished, color version.


  1. Ha, I like it. It looks like she's just learning to fly and it's still king of awkward. Great job! Can't wait to see the colored version!

  2. I like the effect of the gray markers (it's something I really wish I could do). It gives it a good weight and sheen. I'm a little confused by the folds in her cape and what's going on there, though.

  3. Yeah, I toned down the undercape in the colored version. I tried some things with the folds that just didn't work. But, I've been working on my folds since then, so hopefully they'll start to look better.