Sunday, October 3, 2010


And, I'm back from the dearth. In the past four days I've done about 9 detailed pages worth of work.

Here are the six that I'm using as a sample when I go to the New York Comic Con next week. This is from an actual script (I know, I'm branching out - ha!) from Ultimate Fantastic Four Requiem. The script was great to work with since it was very descriptive and detailed - I knew just how it was going to look when I read it.

I'm pleased with the pages cause of the amount of work I had to put into them. I'll still do some tweaking and am a bit disappointed they're not better. But I'll always be that way. Plainly put:

They're the best I can do (at this point), and I'm proud of that.

Page 1 - This thing took FORever - there are over 40 buildings on this page. And I hate/suck at buildings.

I can draw this kitchen in my sleep now.

My first "Double Page Spread" - where we use TWO pages for one image. It was fun to have that much space, but tough to make sure I filled it out right.

Drawing a broken Times Square was really fun.

Aaaaaand done.
What do you think? Getting better yet?

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  1. Every time I see your work, you seem to have improved. You are a SEQA sponge!

    (Edited for grammar)